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“I order pretty consistently from you guys thru fall line and you threw
in an extra tube of cheese with my order this week bc you were out of the
tubes of garlic and chive. I just wanted to thank you for the excellent
customer svc, way above and beyond the call of duty. the two buttons you
threw in more than made up for the missing tube! Of course, as i told a
friend, I think you threw in the tube just to try to get me to try something
different than my garlic and chive order! it’s just so good, i can’t stop
eating it!! Thanks again. and i love all the photos of the goats. " T. Brown 2/21/10

Licensed in 2008 in the Commonwealth of Virginia as a Grade A Dairy and processing room, Night Sky Farm in Brookneal, Virginia produces the finest farmstead goat cheeses in the industry. Milking 25 dairy does gives Night Sky Farm the freshest milk for our goat feta cheese, pressed goat cheeses and semi-soft chevres. We now have our Jersey cow and she is named, EMILY! Try our fresh 100% Jersey cow cheddar, havarti or cream cheese when you order our fabulous goat cheeses.

Night Sky Farm also makes PATTI CAKES! goat Milk Soap using the finest oils, fragrances and of course the maximum amount of our Grade A goat milk.

We are located in picturesque central Virginia, part of a rural, agriculturally based community. We are the only goat dairy. Most all of what is used in the making of our farmstead cheese comes from either our farm or from the local area. Through this, we try to keep our money at home where it is needed, supporting the local economy. The goal of this enterprise is to promote a safe and healthy local product, at the same time be good stewards of the farm and it’s resources; the land, the animals and our community.

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