<p>Faber Firewater is made from locally grown habanero peppers. We created this gourmet hot sauce over 5 years ago and now have a fairly large following of satisfied customers both locally and nationwide.</p> <p>Unlike the average hot sauce, the first thing you&#8217;ll notice about Faber Firewater is that you can actually enjoy the distinct flavors of our sauce. We use a base of local apple cider instead of the usual vinegar base. Then we add four different hot peppers; habanero, cherry bomb, ancho and chipotle. We also include 3 differnty types of citrus in our recipe. After the individual flavors hit your tongue, then there IS quite a bit of heat.</p> <p>Be warned though, this is a habanero pepper product so it does have heat. For those that love everything hot, this is the best pepper sauce you will every try!</p>