Laundry_soap_simply_soap WASH TIME! Laundry Soap ~ UNSCENTED
Grower: Night Sky Farm
Price: $10.00 ( 64 fluid oz.)
%> Available (Exact): 3

WASH TIME Laundry soap comes in a 64 oz. jug and is available with Simply Soap, our unscented PATTI CAKES! Goat Milk Soap. One 2oz. measure is enough for a normal load of washing, but for my farm family's everyday dirt, I need to use 3 - 4 ozs. of WASH TIME per load. This earth friendly laundry soap is low sudsing and high on cleaning power in any water temperature, though we use a warm wash and cold rinse for our washing and have super results. The earth friendly ingredients in WASH TIME laundry soap are Night Sky Farm's PATTI CAKES! Goat Milk Soap, washing soda, borax, distilled water and fragrance. I am sure you will like our new laundry soap for it's cleaning power, it's earth friendly make-up and it's fabulous scent or not. UNSCENTED